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JUL-AUG 2017

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Law Enforcement Product News July/August 2017 18 18 Investigations A 'personal cleanroom' for the lab » The MY-ISO5 Vertical Laminar Flow Workstation from Mystaire provides the laboratory technician with a "personal cleanroom" for use when handling or manipu- lating critical materials. The MY-ISO5 Vertical Laminar Flow workstations provide an ultra- clean working environment and are available in standard widths of 32 and 48 inches. The MY-ISO5 Series of Vertical Laminar Flow Workstations are easy to operate. The full closure sash is equipped with a position indicator switch that automatically turns the workstation's blower and fluorescent light on when raised. Unlike other workstations, the Mystaire MY-ISO5 has a full-closure sash that can be sealed when not in use, eliminating the threat of airborne contaminates entering the work area. Circle 62 for more information Sleek and intuitive intelligence gathering » Edge360's GroundTruth is an innovative Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) application, designed from the ground up to meet the specific needs of law enforcement agencies. The specialized solution enables investigators and law enforcement/homeland security personnel to intuitively monitor esca- lating public demonstrations or disruptions, track the social media activities of persons of interests, and prepare for impending threats to public safety. Addressing the inherent challenges and costs (in terms of resources and response times) when agencies are forced to employ myriad, unintegrated social media and intelligence monitoring tools to conduct investigations, GroundTruth from Edge360 provides law enforce- ment agencies with a single, unified, and extremely intuitive application capable of providing crucial information in real time. With GroundTruth, investigators can generate live feeds to track keywords and users across multiple social media platforms, and create customized intel- ligence reports that are continually updated as events unfold. GroundTruth also features a filterable map view of collection results, using geotagging and "smart geolocation" natural lan- guage processing to estimate a subject's location even when no geodata is available. Edge360's GroundTruth OSINT application was released in beta version to local law enforcement agencies in the greater Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia communities. Following the application's initial release, Edge360 will introduce enhanced features through- out the upcoming months, as a means of being fully responsive to both the feedback from, and on-the-ground needs, of end-users in the law enforcement and homeland security field. Circle 60 for more information Tool seeks out criminal data like a metal detector » Magnet AXIOM 1.1 is a robust update to the Magnet Forensic solution that culminates a year's worth of growth. New industry-first use of AI for chat analysis, enhanced examination tools, fast processing, and AXIOM's ability to integrate device images from other tools make AXIOM a go-to platform for investigations. AXIOM is a complete digital investigation platform that brings together the acquisition of data from smartphones and comput- ers, the examination of the data, and reporting find- ings. AXIOM adds features that will help examiners get to the truth faster and more intuitively. New to Magnet AXIOM 1.1 • Magnet.AI — AXIOM leverages Magnet.AI, new contextual content analysis technology that uses machine learning to search conversation content for intent. In AXIOM, Magnet.AI searches for content that is identified as possibly having child luring intent. This will save hours of crucial investigation and triage time, and provide an efficient starting point, in Child Exploitation cases. • Full Disk Decryption — Magnet Forensics has partnered with Passware to give examiners the ability to decrypt a full disk within Magnet AXIOM. Examiners can recover data from drives encrypted with TrueCrypt and BitLocker where examiners have a known password within their forensic workflow. • Improved Chat Analysis – Chats are one of the first content types that examiners look at. Examiners and investigators can now utilize the power of AXIOM's filtering, tagging, and enhanced conversation views for individual messages, as well as entire chats. • Export PST files – New Outlook-specific support including exporting as PST files, giving inves- tigators a realistic view into the original source material. Circle 61 for more information

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