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JUL-AUG 2017

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Investigations An advanced forensic video kit for forensics » Enhanced Vision Technologies' most advanced portable video forensic kit, the L.E.A.F-V kit, allows you to see the un-seeable, using our advanced digital algorithms and powerful high speed processor that works in real time. You will see evidence at a crime scene that would otherwise be undetected by the naked eye. The LEAF-V kit can also be used for surveillance giving law enforcement the ability to see through smoke, fog, rain, haze, low ambient light and window tint. Circle 55 for more information System to help investigations be more efficient and find more evidence » From Sirchie, the new Master Krimesite Capture System gives you the flexibility to search for and capture latent fingerprints and foot- wear at the scene and conduct easy, accurate search and image capture in the lab. Already have a RUVIS imager? The Krimesite Capture Upgrade Kit is the perfect option for you. • The specialized stand holds the Krimesite Imager and a camera while you use the included soft- ware and laptop to capture photo- graphs. • User-friendly software allows you to begin looking for latent prints minutes after set-up. • An adjustable platform gives you the flexibility to photograph evi- dence on objects of any shape or a range of sizes. Additionally, the imager and camera are fixed on a rotating arm of the stand so you can take photos of large objects. • A Shortwave UV light mounted on a flexible arm lets you operate hands-free so you can focus on the image capture. • Images can be captured in RAW and JPG formats. Circle 56 for more information Law Enforcement Product News July/August 2017 16

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