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JUL-AUG 2016

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Emerging Technology Law Enforcement Product News July/August 2016 36 Sas R&D Services Inc. The CEK-R is a kit of leading edge equipment for cargo Inspecton and highway interdicton and includes all the tools required for inspectng freight, vehicles, boats and planes. Each kit contains our most popular products, the Sas Hi-Tech Xpose Density Meter, the Kingsville Tire and Small Space Fiberscope, world famous Ultmate Videoscope with interchangeable monitor and other inspecton tools. This kit is the complete answer to contraband search, detecton and identfcaton. Readyscope Videoscope CEKR Kit Email: Tel 9544322345 Ext #102 Neoteric Videoscope Xpose Contraband Detector Built on the same platorm as our world renowned Ultmate Fiberscope®, The Readyscope® ofers the same toughness and dependability our Ultmate Scopes are famous for. The Readyscope® is there when needed to give the brightest, clearest, sharpest image of inspectons. With interchangeable monitors, a sunshield, damage resistant probe tps and feld repairability, now inspectons can be conducted without compromising operators The Xpose contraband detector is a compact, lightweight, rugged, handheld density meter designed to aid law enforcement ofcials with the detecton of hidden objects. It features the excitng new graphing capability, Mil Spec 810-G, Water Resistant IP56, Saves 100 Scans in Memory, USB Connectvity, NRC Exempt Radiaton License. Available with Optonal Remote Control Tablet and Extension Arm. Circle 112 for more information 235 Ascot Parkway, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223 IF YOU CAN DEVELOP IT CAN LIFT IT • Ideal for rough surfaces - ridge detail is excellent, even on brick, styrofoam, textured computer housings, and human skin. • No mixing required, fast and easy to use. • Setting time is only 4 minutes at 68ºF (205ºC). Available in: • transparent • black • white • brown • brown ice CALL US (800) 262-6262 Circle 113 for more information Login and learn PhaZZer Online Interactive Training (POInT ) was designed to meet the needs of law enforcement's shrinking budgets and man power constraints. It was developed for new and transi- tion PhaZZer instructors and staffed by professional LEO instructors with decades of front line CEW experience and knowledge. The concept is simple and efficient: at your location attend a live online interactive class sized to six students or less. An instructor presents course material covering the PhaZZer Enforcer, its safe use and proper deploy- ment. Demonstrate weapons proficien- cy thru training drills, deploy dart car- tridges and take a test which is instantly graded and receive your certificate! Card enforcement Fraud is rampant in the U.S. as crimi- nals who once made their living selling narcotics and fencing stolen goods have found stealing credit cards and launder- ing money with prepaid cards is a much easier, safer and more lucrative way to earn a living. Last year nearly 32 mil- lion Americans had their credit cards stolen and 12.7 million individuals had their identities stolen. With more than $16B related to iden- tity theft fraud and over $10B loaded on prepaid cards from narcotics, human smuggling, sex trafficking and terrorist fund- ing, you can see why criminals are drawn to plastic cards. ERAD (Electronic Recovery and Access to Data) provides a complete intelligence solution that provides law enforcement with the ability to inventory and interrogate any plas- tic card found during an arrest. Circle 110 for more information Vietnam badge collection Available through Maxsell, this is a complete U.S. Ground Forces in South Vietnam Pin Collection. It features mini replica badges from 24 ground forces in South Vietnam. A beautifully crafted under-glass frame completes this badge collection. The perfect gift for Vietnam veterans and an heirloom to be passed on to future generations. • Height: 13 1/4" • Width: 11" • Each mini badge is roughly 1" by 1" • $119, plus $10 shipping Circle 109 for more information New penlight Streamlight's alkaline battery- powered Stylus Pro 360 is a sleek, compact penlight that can also serve as a small lantern. It features a sliding bezel that reveals a polycarbonate globe that provides 360 degrees of bright light. The flashlight also includes a bell- shaped rubber tail boot that allows it to stand upright for hands-free lighting. Featuring C4 LED technology, the Stylus Pro 360 offers 65 lumens, 430 candela and a 41-meter beam distance. Powered by two included "AAA" alkaline batteries, the light has a runtime of 6.5 hours. Circle 111 for more information

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