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OCT-NOV 2015

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Page 8 of 49 October/November 2015 Law Enforcement Product News 9 INVADER TM MSRP Style M65 $ 45 99 800-GUNHIDE 631-841-6300 Dept # LP05 431 Bayview Avenue Amityville, NY 11701 ([WUHPHO\FRPIRUWDEOH +ROVWHUFRPSRQHQWPDGHIURPSUHFLVLRQPROGHG.\GH[ %RG\SDGEXLOWIURPHGJHERXQGQHRSUHQH EDOOLVWLFQ\ORQ ,QGHVWUXFWLEOH&FOLSV Circle 30 for more information Yeah…that's LPR in a cactus L-3 Mobile-Vision added two new license plate recognition (LPR) systems to add to its cur- rent AlertVU Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) sys- tem family. The expanded ALPR solu- tions will now include Fixed, Portable and Mobile LPR sys- tems that can capture license plates at longer ranges, sharper angles and at higher speeds. This system can be implemented separately or com- bined. The L-3 Mobile-Vision LPR systems can be installed almost anywhere and the Fixed and Portable solutions can be remotely managed, offering customers the versatility they need to customize crimefighting and security solutions in ways that best help protect the people they serve. See this online: Two-wheeled security patrol The PhaZZer Rover is a personal transporter designed for security patrolling. The solid, responsive and smooth ride of a Rover makes traveling over pavement and rugged terrain a breeze, relieving an offi- cer of stress while allowing them to remain mobile and vigilant. See this online: Visit for more information Circle 25 for more information CONSOLE SOLUTION For more information on vehicle-specifi c consoles, contact: 800-395-0110 | · Chevrolet Caprice 2014-2015 · Chevrolet Tahoe/Silverado 2015 · Dodge Charger 2011-2015 · Ford Sedan PI 2012-2015 · Ford Utility PI 2012-2015 Gamber-Johnson has added to their vehicle-specifi c console product line to include: New Vehicle-Specifi c Consoles trugged DEFINING EXCEPTIONAL ENGINEERING | ROCK SOLID | EXTENSIVE TESTING Circle 27 for more information

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