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Night Vision & Infrared 1.877.696.2584 UNBIASED VIDEO EVIDENCE LTI 20/20 TruCAM ® Get ahead of public demand for video evidence on traffic stops. Speeding + Modes for front and rear plate Tailgating + Firmware calculates time and distance between vehicles Circle 114 for more information 800.557.0098 | R e v o l u t i o n a r y L i g h t i n g S o l u t i o n s D u r a b l e . . . Ve r s a t i l e . . . P o w e r f u l . . . G U A R A N T E E D Being the frst on scene--whether in a fre truck, an ambulance or a cruiser--means dealing with the unexpected. Golight can help alleviate some of that uncertainty by illuminating the situation. Having the proper lighting and having directional capability is critical in maintaining the safety of both the frst responders and the civilians on the scene in a nighttime event. Whether trying to spot an address, scan the scene for victims or track down an assailant, Golight has your back. Golight Inc. Trusted by First Responders Circle 115 for more information 1080P infrared body camera This new PatrolEyes Mini Infrared Body Camera is as small as they get and records great audio and video—full HD 1080p resolu- tion video at 30 fps. The SC-IRM is about the size of an AA battery and comes in a heavy duty metal alloy shell. Included are a host of accessories including removable pocket/vest alligator clip, strap, belt mount, dash mount, stand mount, and USB cable. • One touch recording: While in standby mode simply press the record button on the camera to start recording. The LED indicator will notify you when recording has started or stopped • 1080p high definition 30 FPS Video: Smoothly record every detail • 12 megapixel camera: Take thousands of high quality images • Optional time/date stamp • Voice activated recording: Records automatically when the camera detects voices • Optional night-vision video and picture taking • Two-hour recording • Built in Li-ion rechargeable battery provides two hours of battery life See this online: Circle 112 for more information Small enough for a pistol, all the features of expensive imagers Utilizing a FLIR core, Torrey Pines Logic developed an affordable thermal imager that is no larger than a mini red dot sight. The T10 goes beyond weapons applica- tions as it is both a commercial infrared camera as well as a "thermal red dot sight"—equally useful in both applications/situations during all light- ing conditions, including total darkness. There are three models available: two consumer models for residential/hunting/outdoor and a ruggedized military/law enforcement model. The T10 mini-thermal imagers models T10-S (50-degree FOV, 9-Hz video), T10-N (25-degree FOV, 9-Hz video) and T10-M (50-degree FOV, 30-Hz video) offer a robust feature set commonly found in more expensive devices. All models offer on-board image processing, manual and automatic NUC (non-uniformity correction) capability, temperature read-out, battery read-out and protection, auto power-save and flexible mounting options. See this online: Circle 113 for more information Law Enforcement Product News September 2015 26

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