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JUL-AUG 2015

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In Our Sights 6 Law Enforcement Product News July/August 2015 Profile from any DNA Sample Parabon NanoLabs Inc.'s Snapshot DNA Phenotyping Service is an investigative forensics service that produces a descriptive profile from any human DNA sample. Snapshot predicts physical characteristics including skin pigmentation, eye and hair color, face morphology, sex, and genomic ancestry, and can identify distant familial relationships between samples. Now available, after three years of development with funding from the DoD, Snapshot provides a first-of-its-kind capability for deter- mining the physical appearance and other characteristics of an individual from a DNA sample, from an active crime scene or skeletal remains. See this online: Circle 118 for more information Extended life battery for APX radio Impact Power Technologies now offers a direct replacement battery for Motorola APX 6000/7000/8000. This new addition to their LifeSaver Series line of uniquely-formulated Lithium Polymer batteries won't affect device warranties. • 3 to 4x longer runtime than OEM battery (20+hours) • 3 times more stamina (900-recharge cycles) • 50 percent lighter (150-grams) • 2 times longer lifespan (2+years) The IPT-MT7038-LiP battery keeps personnel safe with full-shift communications while saving agencies on OEM failure/replacement costs. See this online: Circle 117 for more information Looks like a laptop bag, really a ballistic shield Most laptop bags are not much more than a pocket with a strap attached for people to tote more gear around than they can carry in their hands. Not any more. The new MTS (Multi Threat Shield) bag, from Force Training Institute, looks like an average black lap- top bag, but not only can it carry gear—it can also save lives. Built into the MTS is a lightweight and discreet ballistic shield. Whether the threat is an intruder or an active shooter, a quick flick of the wrist swiftly deploys a 3-foot long blanket of protection to defeat multiple impacts from most handgun, shotgun and pistol caliber sub-machine gun threats. The MTS is a true multi-threat shield, offering protection from attacks with blunt objects and edged weapons, as well as punches and kicks. Certified to NIJ Level IIIA (Level III with optional rifle plate insert). The results were "No Penetration," and the MTS will not fold or bend when shot. See this online: Circle 115 for more information Automate, speed LE response times for crisis situations BluePoint Alert Solutions' Rapid Emergency Response System (RERS) is specifically designed to speed the response times of law enforcement/first responders and notify building occupants when life-threatening incidents occur within schools and other facilities. Similar to a standard fire alarm, occupants can activate a BluePoint pull sta- tion and instantly notify police of an emer- gency situation to expedite a rapid response. BluePoint uses a highly secure, independent, and dedicated 900 MHz wireless network. The wireless system covers the entire building or campus, plus any surrounding areas (parking lots, athletic fields, etc.). Once activated, an alert from monitoring partner EMERgency24 is immediately sent to local law enforcement with the building address and exact incident location using Visual Point Identification technology. At the same time, build- ing occupants are instantly notified to take precautions through PA or phone systems and mobile phones, as well as blue strobe lights inside and outside the building. It sends occupants, security professionals and administrators a text and/or e-mail notifications, as well as voice calls with pertinent data. The system also establishes a two-way communications flow between a central command group and building occupants. This automation helps panicked per- sonnel act swiftly and reduces the response time of both law enforcement and building occupants. See this online: Circle 114 for more information The rifle suppressor Atlanta S.W.A.T. chose Dead Air Armament announced that their Dead Air 7.62 Sandman-L sup- pressors are part of a contract for Bergara rifles ordered by the Atlanta Police Department S.W.A.T. Unit. Working closely with the Atlanta S.W.A.T. team for several months, Bergara has created a customized rifle based upon its "Heavy Tactical" model which will feature the Dead Air Sandman-L suppressor. The 7.62 Sandman-L suppressor ('L' stands for 'long') is constructed from Stellite, a non-magnetic and corrosion-resistant cobalt alloy consisting of com- plex carbides developed specifically for performance in hostile environments. At only 8.9 inches in length, the Sandman-L offers a true sound reduction of 31dB. The suppressor also integrates the Dead Air QD (quick disconnect) system for fool-proof, quick, one-handed mounting. The baffles form a solid welded core with a detachable front cap and an integrated flash hider. It is fin- ished with a nitride muzzle device and Cerakote body. See this online: Circle 116 for more information

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