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JAN 2015

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Circle 162 for more information Shop Galls for all your law enforcement uniforms & gear 800.477.7766 h o Long-range audible border protection JETprotect's non-lethal portable protection sys- tem, mSENTRY , got a range boost to three miles line-of-sight and is gaining interest from government agencies and private entities. Deployed from the bed of any American 4x4, securing and defending thirty (30) square miles of remote area and private land no longer requires trailers or an entourage of operators. A small border patrol team tasked to cover wide areas is supported with automated alerts including pictures, video, and map data to give local law enforcement ample time to organize a response to the intruders. The mSENTRY-6K uses ground radar to monitor large outdoor areas and track moving objects. The tactical software, Cortex, correlates radar targets to geo-zones that can initiate actions like pointing high zoom cameras at the intruder. When deployed with a 4G LTE radio, mSENTRY-6K broadcasts sen- sor and mapping data to responders over the Internet. The center of the system is the VFR Chase X multi-sensor payload that hunts disturbances in the perimeter and then chases them with cameras, lights, and sound. Illuminators emit high-intensity light to expose and deter trespassers. Surrounding the payload is a software suite performing three layers of distrib- uted processing. The Lieutenant C3V application (command, control, coordi- nation & video) is available for iPhone and iPad devices and gives operators and stakeholders remote access to the sensors and tracking map. See this online: Circle 161 for more information Tactical lighting The Pelican 7000 LED flashlight is a compact yet powerful tactical lighting tool. The lightweight Pelican 7000 LED weighs in at 5.6 ounces with batteries and provides four lighting modes to adapt to almost any situation— High (602 lumens), Medium (311 lumens), Low (64 lumens) and Strobe. Powered by two CR-123 lithium batteries (included), the high-efficiency LED shines clear, brilliant light for up to 1.5 hours in High mode and 16 hours in Low mode. In addition to standard functionality, it offers four separate pro- grammable lighting modes: • High, Strobe, Medium, Low • High only • High, Medium, Low (no strobe) • Low, Medium, High (no strobe) To allow for alternative or extended use the flashlight can also be operated with optional rechargeable cells. The Type II Hard Anodized aluminum con- struction and IPX7 water-resistance rating make it extremely durable, and the anti-slip knurled pattern allows for all-weather usage. Additionally, the Pelican 7000 LED offers a removable clip for easy pocket storage and transport. See this online: Circle 160 for more information January 2015 Law Enforcement Product News 31

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