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JAN 2014

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"The Streamlight  "ALTAI gear "The Spyderco  TLR-1 HL: A REVIEW" MF TACTICAL BOOTS: REVIEW" MANIX II - A REVIEW" Read more: Through my years wearing a uniform on the street I carried many a different lockblade folding knife and the assortment included several Spyderco knives. Read more: About 65 minutes later I pulled it out of the bucket, shook it off and turned it on. It worked both with touch/ push pressure and the locked-on position. Read more:  Circle 109 for more information "Kimber  PEPPERBLASTER II: A REVIEW" Read more: Circle 110 for more information Circle 114 for more information Circle 117 for more information ALGIZ 10X TABLET FROM Handheld "Gerber  BULLRUSH MULTI-TOOL: A REVIEW" Read more: Circle 111 for more information "Gerber's "TESTING RUGGED" I didn't use it as an improvised weapon, use it to block any attacks or shoot it. Short of that, I abused it in ways that simulated common every day law enforcement use ... Read more: UPPERCUT PUNCH DAGGER - REVIEW" TufBox locking drawer systems provide a way to safely secure guns, store equipment and organize belongings. Manufactured with heavy-duty steel, the TufBox is built to withstand the everyday demands that are expected of all Tufoc products. Available for all SUV's and cruisers. Circle 115 for more information I know there are still a lot of people in the law enforcement industry – and other warrior services as well – who feel that boot knives, hide-away knives, and other such tools... Read more:  TUFBOX LOCKING DRAWER SYSTEMS "THE ACTIVE SHOOTER RESPONSE TRAINING MANUAL" BY SCOTT M. HYDERKHAN FROM Circle 112 for more information Kinetic Tactical Training Solutions LLC "Del-Ton "ACTIVE SHOOTER RESPONSE TRAINING MANUAL: A REVIEW" SPORT (AR STYLE) RIFLE REVIEW" Read more: Circle 113 for more information No matter what resource you're using, such as this manual, it behooves you … to use it ONLY as a resource, ensuring... Read more:  Circle 116 for more information Reviews By Lindsey Bertomen Q.D. STAINLESS 7.62 AND 5.56 Q.D. SS SOUND SUPPRESSION SYSTEM FROM Yankee Hill Machine Co. "35 DECIBELS DOWN" Read more: Circle 118 for more information VANGUARD SERIES 2 RC TRR RIFLE FROM UNDERCOVER LITE REVOLVER FROM CHARTER ARMS "NEAT AND DISCREET" Read more:  Circle 122 for more information SIDEWINDER VENOM CONVERSION KIT FROM Adaptive Tactics "A TALE OF CONVERSION" Weatherby Read more: Circle 119 for more information P226 ELITE DARK HANDGUN FROM SIG SAUER Read more: …will switch a tubular magazine shotgun to a box magazine gun on Mossberg 590... Read more:  Circle 120 for more information Circle 123 for more information "JOURNEY TO THE DARK SIDE" TSG-22 LONG RIFLE CONVERSION FOR GLOCK PISTOLS FROM LOCK-N-LOAD AMMO PLANT LOADER FROM  Tactical Solutions Hornady "SHOOT, STRIP, RELOAD, REPEAT" "RELOAD TO TRAIN" Read more: Read more: Circle 121 for more information Circle 124 for more information 800-321-0870 TUFLOC.COM Circle 125 for more information January 2014 Law Enforcement Product News 25

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