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JAN 2014

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Less-Lethal US-made, high output When fitted to an Elzetta 2-Cell Body, Elzetta Design LLC's new high output tactical flashlights head produces 650 lumens with a runtime of 1.5 hours. Solid-acrylic field-replaceable optical Circle 32 for more information lens generate superior throw. Water-based crowd control Elkhart Brass' Sidewinder EXM crowd control solution package allows operators to switch from firing a stream to pinpoint a target up to 255 feet (78 meters) away, or to fog to suppress an entire crowd. The package also includes a 6000-200E Selectable Flow Rate Nozzle with eight different flow rates, includCircle 33 for more ing a preset flow rate for greater control. information ATTACK! OpGear 1-877-813-1112 RAPPELLING EQUIPMENT RAPPEL MASTER TRAINING Circle 35 for more information Circle 34 for more information Manage Vehicle Battery Power Compact 6 Circuit Power Distribution System OC Pepper | OC/CS Blends NEW Individually Program Electronics ON – OFF Power Sequence: • Available in Gels, Foggers, Foams and Stream sprays • Inert Training Units • Relief Spray for decontamination • ON with ignition, OFF with ignition • ON with ignition OFF with timer (adjustable 2 min - 13 hrs) FEATURING • Always on AVAILABLE 01.01.2014 5" x 6" Low voltage disconnect built in saves batteries from extreme discharge TM MANUFACTURED BY 802.753.1265 | | Circle 36 for more information 18 Law Enforcement Product News January 2014 800-346-0857 • • Circle 37 for more information

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