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JAN 2014

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Firearms & Accessories 5.8-ounce butt stock Mission First Tactical LLC has designed an ultra light butt stock at 5.8 ounces with the Battlelink Minimalist Stock. The stock was developed to eliminate weight, provide better target acquisition, shot accuracy, operator comfort and ease of use, and still offer all the functionality such as custom accessory mounts and optimized sling configurations. The Battlelink Minimalist Stock is a slide-on replacement for any original collapsible butt stock. Made from a specially developed, reinforced, super-tough polyamide from DuPont's Military Plastic Division, the extremely lightweight stock delivers on function, comfort and durability. The upper section features an enhanced cheek weld and the angled, non-slip rubberized buttpad allows for faster presentations, even with body armor. The Quick Detach Sling mounting Saves Time. Saves Blood. Saves Lives. point is positioned for optimum, use even with ambidextrous shooters. Circle 63 for more information TACTICAL HEMOSTASIS MAKE EVERY SECOND COUNT Celox™RAPID Celox™RAPID Bandage dimensions 3"x 5' P/N #FG08839011 The fastest hemostatic gauze treatment available1 Celox™ RAPID Ribbon The frst compact carry minimal compression time gauze for narrow entry wounds. Celox™RAPID Ribbon Bandage dimensions1"x 5' P/N #FG08839041 NEW Increased shelf life! GOOD FOR Rapid Packing2 FOUR 5' in length, Celox™ RAPID packs faster than 12" competitive products. YEARS! Minimum Compression Time1 Requires Minimal compression time compared to 3 minutes compression for Combat Gauze™ (per Manufactures Instructions For Use) Reduces Blood Loss3 Celox Rapid clots blood within 1 minute compared to 3-5 minutes with Combat Gauze™. Stability in Evacuation Celox™ RAPID maintains its volume and adhesion to wet tissue during use, helping it to stay in place during patient transport and maintain hemostasis during transit. The Safariland 5198 Open Top Concealment holster is compact and lightweight with low cut sides for ease of draw and added comfort. The trigger guard detent and adjustable tension device help secure the gun in the holster during rigorous activity, while the durable SafariLaminate construction helps resist scratches. The 5198 features an injectionmolded paddle offering a comfortable, close-to-the-body fit and allows for easy placement and removal on the waist with no belt necessary. Along with the paddle, also included in the package is an injection-molded belt loop, fitting belt widths from 1.5 inches to 1.75 inches. Circle 64 for more information *Combat Gauze™ is a registered TM of Z-Medica Contact us at | 407 .252.6758 RAPID Gauze could be rapidly applied on the wound on average within half the time of the predicate devices. Has been proven in controlled trials to stop major arterial bleeding by coagulating the blood within 1 minute, reducing blood loss. (1). Testing a new gauze hemostat with reduced treatment time. A Hoggarth et al. Poster, ATACCC 2011, FL. (2) Reduced Application Time with a Rapid Packing Gauze Hemostat Andrew Hoggarth, Craig Hardy, Guy Eason, Chris Marsden (Medtrade Products Ltd, Crewe, UK) (3) Chitosan based advanced hemostatic dressing is associated with decreased blood loss in a swine uncontrolled hemorrhage model Corrected Proof, 15 March 2013 Nicholas R. Kunio, Gordon M. Riha, Katherine M. Watson, Jerome A. Diferding, Martin A. Schreiber, Jennifer M. Watters 10.1016/j.amjsurg.2013.01.014 The American Journal of Surgery Circle 65 for more information 14 Holster cut low Law Enforcement Product News January 2014

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