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MAR-APR 2017

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A Less-Lethal Orange Forend Adaptive Tactical March/April 2017 + Powered by Tactical-7 Boot Bates Footwear XSLATE R12 Tablet Xplore Technologies Corp. Look for new 'anti- ambush tech' in your 2017 Charger Pursuit p. 14 A 1911 with modern firearm ideas? Yes please. p. 24 NAS 3 Casings on 9mm Ammo Shell Shock Technologies LLC ❯❯ The latest equipment for your patrol vehicle and traffic enforcement p. 8 ON THE ROAD Learn to fly your UAS online A 5-day course trains you to operate your drone p. 42 PLUS New gear to help train today's officers And a few articles to check out p. 34 How to fill out incident and accident reports faster than ever p. 8 The brand new BATT-APX from The Armored Group p. 25 p. 18 p. 7 p. 33 p. 28

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